New 32nm Westmere-based Xeon CPU Servers

We’re excited to announce that our new 32nm 16 Core (2 X Intel Xeon™ E5620 Quad Core 2010 Westmere 2.4GHz 8x hyperthread) servers are currently being built to order and will be arriving at our NZ data center shortly.

The Westmere Xeon 5600 differs from the consumer-level Core i3, i5 and i7 chips with two new security features; Intel AES-NI, and Intel TXT. These features enable faster encryption and decryption performance for more secure transactions. This will complement any E-Commerce enabled website using SSL, with a stated 23% performance over XEON 5500 CPU’s when serving SSL pages.

See Intel’s easy to understand intro video below:

Here’s a benchmark video of the XEON 5600 Versus the 5500 Versus the 5400:

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