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How to report an issue / bug. We can't fix a problem that we can't replicate so we need as much information as possible in... Magento 1: How to redirect all http:// requests to https:// in Magento With the recent hint from Google that it will be placing a higher emphasis on secure (https://)... Magento 1: How do I make my Magento site temporarily unavailable (put into maintenance mode)? There may be times when you need to perform an upgrade and don't want your website to be accessed... Magento 1: How to setup a sitemap in Magento A sitemap is used to inform search engines about pages availabe for crawling. Magento provides a... Magento 1: How to setup a cron job for Magento in Parallels Plesk Panel This knowledgebase explains how to create a cronjob through Parallels Plesk Panel. A cronjob is... Magento 1: How to configure Magento to use APC for improved performance This knowledgebase explains how to configure your Magento (version 1.4* +) installation to use... Magento 1: How to disable customer reviews in Magento This knowledgebase explains how to disable the Customer Reviews link from displaying in your... Magento 1: How to manage end of line / discontinued products in Magento Store owners often have to deal with the issue of out of stock or discontinued products.  These... Magento 1: How to disable compilation in Magento In general, Create Hosting customers shouldn't need compilation enabled, since our Magento... Magento 1: How to fix broken or slow Sales Order Address editing via Magento Admin We came upon an issue in a Magento 1.5* instance where any attempt to edit the customer address... How to activate the Mobile HTML5 theme in Magento 1.7 (for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, Windows Mobile, etc) Magento 1.7 comes with a new Mobile HTML5 theme out of the box. This should be compatible with... How to upgrade Magento 1.3 to The Magento 1.3 to upgrade is quite complex, as there are many changes to the database...
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