How do I connect via FTP using FileZilla?

These instructions are for configuring Filezilla to connect to Create Hosting servers. Filezilla can be downloaded for free from

When using Filezilla, select the FTP over explicit TLS encryption option to secure file transfers. Only FTPS is supported (not FTP). Please ensure that you select the FTPS (Explicit AUTH TLS) option in your FTP client.

To configure Filezilla for FTPS Explicit AUTH TLS:

- Open Filezilla.
- Click File > Site Manager.
- Click New Site, and then in the My Sites section enter your domain name.
- In the Host field, enter the hostname as provided in your Account Settings email.
- From the Protocol list, select Require explicit FTP over TLS.
- From the Logon Type list, select Normal.
- In the User field, enter your username as provided in your Account Settings email.
- In the Password field, enter your password as provided in your Account Settings email.
- Go to the Transfer Settings tab.
- In the Transfer Mode section, select Passive, and then click OK.

To test the connection, click Open the Site Manager, and then select your domain name. Click Connect, and then click OK.

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