How to change the account settings (such as email address, POP / SMTP settings) in Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 doesn't provide the option to edit POP or SMTP settings once the account has been configured. This makes it difficult to change the email address, password or other account settings. As a workaround, you'll need to bring up the "old" Outlook dialog windows to make the changes.

The instructions below are for opening the Profiles Dialog windows, which uses the old forms.

  1. Start Outlook. Most computers will have a desktop icon for one of these, and also a small icon in the task bar at the bottom of the desktop near the Start button. Either icon can be used to start the program. If you cannot find such an icon: click the Start menu, then choose Programs and look for either Outlook and select it.
  2. In the Files menu, click Accounts > Manage Profiles.
  3. In the Email Tab, select the Email Account and then click on  Change.
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