Sectigo SSL Certificate Root Expiration Issue (I gang)
  • Prioritet - Medium
  • Påvirker Andre - All Servers
  • We have recently discovered that some of our customers may have experienced outages in their Magento or WordPress services caused by a Sectigo Root certificate expiration on May 30 2020. As a consequence of the expiration, various services were not able to initiate secure connections with other services or could not be accessed by other services due to errors. If your website or other online service uses other applications or integrations such as APIs, CURL, OpenSSL, etc. you may have experienced problems or outages. If you have had any service disruptions or errors or your visitors use browsers older than 2015 and report issues, you will need to take action to update the service.

    We are working through all affected servers and websites to reissue certificates where those have been issued by us prior to 1 June 2020, and to apply fixes to our internal systems. This will take some time to work through due to the number of sites and services on our network.

    An overview of the issue is outlined here:

  • Dato - 01/06/2020 01:00
  • Senest opdateret - 01/06/2020 10:25