How to report an issue / bug.

We can't fix a problem that we can't replicate so we need as much information as possible in order to properly investigate the issue. This article outlines the requirements for correctly reporting an issue with your webiste. 

1. Steps to replicate
Explain exactly what you clicked or typed to produce the issue, this includes telling us what browser you used.

2. Error messages / describe the problem
Quote the error message that was displayed and/or clearly define what didn't work.

3. Use Screenshots
If possible, include screenshots of the issue.

4. List any changes you've made
Include any recent changes that have been made to your website - new extensions installed or disabled, configuration changes etc.

Example bug report
1. Navigated to homepage via Google Chrome
2. Clicked
3. Clicked
4. Clicked add to cart button
5. Clicked checkout link in top navigation
6. Checkout page displayed as a white page - no error message.  Screenshot attached showing URL and white page.
7. We recently installed a new checkout (name of checkout).


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