Connectivity Issues (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - NZ Datacenter
  • Wed, 29 Aug 2018 00:08 AM UTC: All access should be restored at this point. A report is pending.

    Tue, 28 Aug 2018 22:52 PM UTC: We understand there are a small number of peering routes that may still be affected, this is being investigated.

    Tue, 28 Aug 2018 22:19 PM UTC: Traffic appears to be back to normal. Our upstream confirmed there was an issue, which they beleive has been resolved. They are still analysing the event..

    We are seeing some connectivity issues to our Auckland location. Investigating.

  • Date - 29/08/2018 10:20
  • Last Updated - 29/08/2018 12:22