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Price changes for .nz domain registrations and renewals

  • Friday, 20th November, 2020
  • 11:36am

Effective 1 December 2020, the new pricing for .nz domains registrations and renewals is $45/yr (previously $39.95/yr). All other TLD pricing remains the same at this time.

This price adjustment is the result of an industry-wide cost increase implemented by the .NZ registry.

The New Zealand Domain Name Commission recently increased the base price for all .nz domain registrations and renewals. This price increase came into effect in October 2020. This in turn meant that wholesale domain registrars have had to increase their prices accordingly, resulting in a substantial cost increase to domain resellers, such as Create Hosting.

Regrettably, this has resulted in a price increase for all .nz domain names.

For more information on the changes, please see:


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