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How do I perform a traceroute? Print

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You may be asked by our support staff to perform a tracert from your computer in order to diagnose a connection problem or to check if DNS has propagated correctly to the ISP whcih you are. Please follow the steps below applicable to your computer system.

To trace route from your PC (Windows XP, Vista):

   1. From the Start menu, select “Run…”
   2. When the run box comes up, then type in cmd
   3. When you get the command prompt, enter tracert exampledomain.co.nz
   4. Hit the “enter” key on your keyboard and wait.

For Apple Mac Users: you can follow these steps:

   1. Double-click the Hard Drive icon > Applications folder > Utilities folder > Network Utility program.
   2. Select the trace route tab and enter the domain name (e.g. exampledomain.co.nz)
   3. Press the “enter” key and wait.

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