#Spark16 Event: Social Media & PR Public Programme

Spark 2016 International Festival of Music, Media, Arts & Design

Having an office in the center of town gives us easy access to some impressive events like the Spark International Festival of Music, Media, Arts & Design Festival (#Spark16). On Tuesday, 9 August, Create Hosting attended the Social Media & PR Public Programme  presented by Anna Dean and Angela Meyer of Double Denim.  These ladies are the team behind many well known and very successful marketing campaigns (who hasn’t heard of Hunt for the Wilderpeople?).  Anna and Angela shared their experiences of marketing two films a couple years apart and how the social media / general marketing landscape has changed in that time.

Key takeaways

  • Create a story

    People respond to the bigger picture; they want to feel connected to the brand.  Focus on building the brand story rather than marketing specific events or products.  Take people on a journey and keep them updated; a Facebook post once a month, an email twice a year or no crowdfunding update is not going to have much of an effect.

  • Social media has changed

    A few years ago social media platforms, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, could easily be leveraged for marketing.  This is no longer the case. Social media is still a valid channel to build brand awareness but it has a low ROI so don’t allocate a significant number of resources to it.

  • Have a collaborative approach

    Create content that can be leveraged by a third party, i.e. collaborate with other, complementary brands.  Keep collaborations / influencers authentic.  Audiences can spot a fraud and won’t respond well.

  • Email databases are your best friend

    Email marketing has a long history of success and that is still true today.  Part of your strategy must be to build your email database, for example by requiring registrations even if an event is free.  Email marketing was mentioned a number of time by the speakers so it must be important.

  • Do your research

    Find out about your audience and take your message to them, you can’t expect them to come to you.  Broad demographics such as “women over 40” no longer cuts it as that group comprises individuals with significantly different interest and lifestyles.  The technology exists to offer very targeted marketing – use it.

  • Time is precious

    Everyone is busy and sharing their attention between multiple marketing campaigns.  Make sure that your content is worthwhile.  People share, and get excited about, about things that validate their world view – do you research so you know what your audience cares about.

Once you’ve built your community you have to look after them and cater to their needs. Do you research and be prepared.  Above all else, believe in your campaign.

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